formicopure™ is an energy-efficient purification system that recovers the process chemicals and chemicals produced by means of distillation. formicopure™ is characterized by low energy consumption, high purity of the recovered chemicals, safety and reliability.

In the formicofib™ and formicobio™ technologies, majority of the biosolvent is recovered by evaporating the spent liquor from formicodeli™, while formicopure™ finalizes the full recovery of biosolvent and water. formicopure™ also purifies acetic acid and furfural, which are generated in the process.

This distillation-based system is very energy-efficient and produces high-purity biochemicals. formicopure™ also purifies process water for re-use in pulp washing. With formicopure™ the water consumption is minimized and discharges avoided.

formicopure purification system

formicopure™ purification system