Chempolis’ proprietary formico® systems complete the implementation of formico® technologies.

Chempolis’ proprietary formico® technologies have been developed for biorefining non-wood and non-food materials, such as straw, grasses, bagasse, and many other residues. By using a new type of biosolvent, they overcome the challenges typically faced by other technologies. Our formico® systems round out our offering – providing the key machinery, piping, instrumentation, and control systems for making the most of our processes. These systems include

  • formicodeli™ for optimal delignification of non-wood and non-food biomass;

  • formicopure™ for purifying biosolvents and biochemicals; and

  • formicocont™ for operating formico® biorefineries economically, safely and reliably.

Proprietary formico® systems

Proprietary formico® systems