High profitability of formicobio™

formicobio™ technology fractionates all the main components present in lignocellulose into cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin. The selectivity of the process means that we can apply optimised processes for each fraction and achieve high conversion levels and pure products – delivering some 40% of higher sales revenues to customer than 2G technologies do.

Relative costs and revenues of formicobio™

The pure cellulose produced can be enzymatically hydrolysed into pure glucose very easily, using less enzymes. Pure glucose can be fermented into ethanol rapidly. In addition to providing the base for bioethanol, glucose is also a platform for various biochemicals.

Pure hemicellulose sugars can be processed into ethanol, furfural, and acetic acid, for example. A versatile xylose platform can be tailored according to customer needs.

The pure lignin produced can be used in energy generation, to make a biorefi nery based on formicobio™ technology self-sufficient in energy or can be refined into endproduct.

Selectivity also means no waste

formicobio™ technology is based on the use of a novel sulphur-free biosolvent, which enables the biosolvent and water circulation within the process to be fully closed, preventing the generation of waste. As the biosolvent is completely recoverable and the process requires a low level of enzyme input and is self-suffi cient in terms of energy, formicobio™ offers excellent cost-effectiveness combined with high sustainability and low carbon footprint.