formico® biorefining technologies

formico® 3G biorefining technologies stand for a multi-product platform, which generates higher sales revenues with lower investment and operation costs

Our formico® processes have been developed for biorefining non-wood and non-food materials. By using a new type of biosolvent, they overcome the challenges typically faced by other technologies.

Multiple advantages with Chempolis’ formico® family of technologies:

  • Uses residues generated as part of food production, eliminating the need to harvest timber and deplete forest resources

  • Is self-sufficient in energy and CO2-neutral

  • Has a minimal water consumption

  • Uses no harmful substances, such as chlorine or sulphur compounds

  • Recycles all process chemicals and water

  • Produces no effluents, and

  • Results in end-products that are recyclable and biodegradable

formico biorefinery

The competitive edge of Chempolis 3G biorefining technology platform when compared to 1G and 2G technologies is that it enables production of multiple value-added products from renewable raw materials. Chempolis 3G biorefining technologies are effluent-free, self-sufficient in terms of energy, and produce no CO2 or sulphuric emissions. Biomass is selectively fractionated with a recyclable biosolvent while all the biomass components are processed into valuable products.

Chempolis Ltd. 3G formico® biorefining technologies provide profitable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the biomass, alcohol & beverage, paper, oil, sugar, palm oil, and chemical industries to refine biomass into high-quality products while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing social benefits.