Products & Services

Chempolis’ core products are the two patented third generation technologies for biorefining of residual biomasses: formicobio™ for the co-production of non-food cellulosic bioethanol, biochemicals and biocoal, and formicofib™ for the co-production of non-wood papermaking fibers (i.e. pulp), biochemicals and biocoal.

Biorefineries based on formico® technologies deliver sustainability – all the way from high-quality products and excellent profitability to lower CO2 emissions and reduced natural resource usage.

Chempolis’ third-generation biorefining technologies result in cost-effective multi-product platform. High selectivity of biomass fractionation delivers high profitability. Selectivity also means no waste.


Relative costs and revenues of formicofib™

Chempolis’ technologies enable papermaking fibres, bioethanol and biochemicals to be produced sustainably from non-wood and non-food biomasses such as straw, bagasse, corn stover and bamboo. Chempolis’ core products are innovative formico® biorefining technologies – formicofib™ process is a technology for biorefining non-wood raw materials into papermaking fibre for paper and board, packaging, and hygiene products, while formicobio™ processes non-food raw materials into cellulosic ethanol.