Chempolis Biorefining Park

Chempolis has invested some €20 million in its new biorefinery, which also functions as a development and marketing centre for testing customer-sourced non-food raw materials and producing sample batches of bioethanol, biochemicals, and papermaking fibres.

  • Biorefinery

  • Headquarters

  • R&D centre

  • Conference Centre

  • Fully owned by Chempolis Ltd.

  • Floor area 14 000 m2

  • Land area 8,5 ha

  • Inauguration of Chempolis Biorefining Park on 10 February, 2009

The Opening ceremony of Chempolis Biorefining Park

From left: Matti Sundberg, Jarmo E. Heinonen (TEKES), Taisto Riski, Pauli Hänninen (UPM-Kymmene), Lauri Lajunen (University of Oulu), Martti Mäenpää (The federation of Finnish Technology Industries), Esa Rousu, Pasi Rousu. Year 2009. Photo by Sampo Anttila. © 2011 Chempolis. All Rights Reserved.

  • Bioethanol processing line was officially opened by the Finnish Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen, on 4 May, 2010.