Chempolis in Brief

Chempolis Ltd. is a technology leader providing innovative and sustainable solutions for biomass, paper, biofuel, sugar and chemical industries.

Our mission is to deliver technologies capable of refining biomass economically into high-quality products while minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing social benefits.

Chempolis’ technologies enable papermaking fibres, bioethanol and biochemicals to be produced sustainably from non-wood and non-food biomasses such as straw, bagasse, corn stover and bamboo. Our formicofib™ process is a technology for biorefining non-wood raw materials into papermaking fibre for paper and board, packaging, and hygiene products. While formicobio™ processes non-food raw materials into cellulosic ethanol.

By using Chempolis formicobio™ non-food technology no food is needed for producing bioethanol profitably. By using Chempolis formicofib™ non-wood technology, no forests are consumed. Chempolis’ technologies offer a highly sustainable and profitable solution for the current need for renewable, un-polluting and carbon neutral production of traffic fuel and pulp without consuming food and forest resources of India.

Our expertise across the entire processing chain – from biomass to final product – covers everything from conceptual, process and plant engineering, to equipment design, and supplying proprietary systems. Our dedication to create clean and efficient solutions has resulted in technologies that have been rated as the greenest economically viable option available by International Finance Corporation and US Energy Department, as well as in more than 100 granted patents.

In 2009, Chempolis commissioned a biorefinery in Finland, which also functions as a technology centre for testing customer raw materials for bioethanol, biochemicals, and papermaking fibres.


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