About us


Chempolis Ltd. is a technology leader providing inno-
vative and sustainable solutions for the biomass, paper, biofuel, alcohol, sugar and chemical industries. Chempolis formico® biorefining technologies deliver sustainability and excellent profitability.

Chempolis’ core products are the two patented third generation technologies for biorefining of residual biomasses: formicobio™ for the co-production of non-food cellulosic bioethanol, biochemicals and biocoal, and formicofib™ for the co-production of non-wood papermaking fibers (i.e. pulp), biochemicals and biocoal.

Our expertise has already proved its potential in the paper and bio-energy industries, and we are now offering solutions for the chemical, oil & gas, food, and energy industries as well.

By delivering the best possible solutions, we help our customers get more for less: less energy, fewer natural resources, less waste, and lower lifetime operating costs.
And by pioneering technologies that help reduce water, energy, and raw material consumption, and cut emissions and waste, we’re not only helping our customers, we’re also helping build a more sustainable future for everyone.